Friday, January 1, 2010


My new year's resolution is to work on the house again. We are sooo close to being done, but there are a few rooms that are still lacking in a major way.

First up is my office/craft room ...

The current color was ill-picked (by me) in a frantic effort to get everything painted before we moved in. The color is in the tan family, but it is way too golden. I would like to find something closer to a mushroom. Not too dark, but not too light.

Here is some inspiration:



I already have that pecan finished wood going on with the furniture. Not my first choice, but I am trying to reasonable and I am using a chest and bookshelf from my son's room - why buy something when I have perfectly usable pieces. I painted our old dining room table to use as a desk ... I'm not thrilled with the color and should probably repaint it, but I'm sure that will get put on the back-burner.

The super-scary "before" picture. Stay tuned for an "after."

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