Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dream home

Today I discovered some photographs of a beautiful home on Willow Decor by way of Reese & Marie.




My home looks nothing like this. {Where is the giant train table in the family room?!} But some of the basics are there. I see images of homes like this and I am inspired that I could come somewhat close to this.

What I have:
  • neutral basics
  • white woodwork
  • fairly light walls
What I need:
  • wall decor
  • better organization - so that my mess doesn't overpower the prettiness
  • carefully edited accessories
I go through spurts when I'm obsessed with decorating our home and making it perfect. I spend far too much of my precious free time poring over design magazines and blogs and websites. At times I feel energized and focused and it seems like our house is on the verge of being "done." But then I have spells, like what I'm in now, where I feel very overwhelmed and lost and hopeless. I feel like I have made some decorating mistakes {read: bad purchases} and I am always trying to figure out a way to work around that - I hate the idea that I have wasted money on something that ends up not working in the house and is not returnable.

There is inspiration everywhere you look. And that makes it easy to get overwhelmed. I am going to make a commitment to myself to move forward from this point and go about decorating in a more organized manner. No more regret over past decorating decisions or purchases. I will either live with it and make it work {the white shutters that don't match our woodwork} or put it aside and save it in hopes of using it in my pipe dream ... a to-be-purchased lake house.